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Joseph & Decatur Branding

Joseph and Decatur are the principal Realtors at CAHOMESPRO by RE Global. Servicing all sellers and buyers in the Southern California region, with a specialty in helping Veterans and Heroes. Joseph and Decatur are both veterans of the military. Joseph served honorably in the USMC and Decatur served honorably in the US Army before they embarked in their law enforcement careers. While maintaining their long and successful career in law enforcement, Joseph and Decatur decided to turn their passion for real estate into full time careers. Joseph and Decatur are no strangers to hard work and serving their communities. They have worked side by side with police, agents, prison/jail officials, fire fighters, medical professionals and school employees in our communities. Their sacrifice does not go unnoticed and we aim to provide the highest quality of service and cost saving measures to give back and support the backbone of emergency services and education that protect all our loved ones.